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Are you ready to Say Cheese?

Say Cheese is BACK! For the entire month of March, participating restaurants will donate $2 to the Josephine County Food Bank every time you buy one of their featured grilled cheese creations. This ooey-gooey fundraiser includes 20 restaurants all throughout Grants Pass, each with a distinct and delicious creation!

The best part? Indulging in these cheesy masterpieces enters you in a content to win a $100 gift card from Dutch Bros. ! Simply pick up a punch card at any of our participating restaurants, and each time you buy a grilled cheese sandwich, get your card initialed. Once you purchase five sandwiches, turn your card in at a participating restaurant to be entered into the drawing!

See below for a full list of all participating restaurants and their grilled cheese masterpieces.

At the end of the month, the restaurant that sells the most sandwiches will have bragging rights as having the "Best Grilled Cheese in Grants Pass". You can also vote below for our three additional categories: "Most Unique", "Most Gourmet", and "Cheesiest"!

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