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The Josephine County Food Bank has been serving our community since 1990. Originally, we were part of the Josephine County Community Action Agency and were run as a county program. During the early years, we developed our network to serve hungry individuals and families throughout the county. Along the way, we have managed to build many long-lasting partnerships.


In 2005, the County discontinued funding for the Josephine County Food Bank. Thankfully, the United Community Action Network stepped in to run the program. In 2010 a community collaboration between the City of Grants Pass, United Community Action Network, Rotary Clubs of Grants Pass, and many local donors resulted in the construction of a new 10,000 square foot food storehouse. This also marked the establishment of Raptor Creek Farm, an onsite community garden used to grow food for local families.


Today, the Josephine County Food Bank is an independent non-profit organization. In addition to collecting, storing and distributing food, our unique location allows us to efficiently incorporate fresh farm grown foods as part of our program. We look forward to continuing to serve our community from our food distribution center at Raptor Creek Farm.


We exist to serve anyone facing food insecurity in Josephine County. Every month, we provide meals to over 13,000 people through our partner organizations. Shockingly, over a quarter of those we serve are children. Working families, the elderly, disabled, and those experiencing homelessness are other groups that rely on our services so they don’t go hungry at night.

It’s up to each of us to help our neighbors by donating food, time and/or money to this cause because no one should be hungry!

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Josephine County Food Bank hires employees based on merit, availability, and experience as well as what is required for the position. Not all employment is full-time work, some may be seasonal. We appreciate your interest and look forward to talking with you in the near future. Josephine County Food Bank is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

Below are all career opportunities with the Josephine County Food Bank:

  • Outreach Coordinator​

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