The Youth Internship Project (YIP) is a 3-month immersive agricultural-focused internship on Raptor Creek Farm designed to empower local youth facing economic disparities. YIP provides a safe and nurturing environment with weekly agricultural workshops, hands-on skill-building opportunities, and exposure to diverse career pathways. Collaborations with partners like Maslow Project and Project Youth + ensure a strong community network, fostering connections and shared learning.

During a YIP internship, interns will learn how to plant, maintain, and harvest their own gardens, as well as the basic skills needed to support larger-scale agricultural projects.

YIP is a supportive community where youth collaborate, learn, and grow together. We tackle barriers such as homelessness and economic disparities by offering a living wage stipend, and empowering participants to actively engage in overcoming challenges.

If you are interested in gaining skills in sustainable agriculture and leadership and want to make connections with like-minded peers and business owners, YIP might be a great fit for you!

Applications for YIP will be available in 2024. Please check back for more details.

If you have any questions about YIP, please contact Kristin Smith, Farm Manager, at or (541) 479-5556.

Are you a community member interested in contributing to YIP?

At the heart of our Youth Internship Project (YIP) is a commitment to holistic growth, and part of that commitment involves providing our participants with valuable insights from seasoned professionals in the trade sector. As part of the program, interns have the unique opportunity to attend workshops and interviews with local business owners and trade workers, sharing their wealth of knowledge and experiences.

These interactions not only expose our youth to a broad spectrum of skills and expertise but also offer a firsthand glimpse into various trade industries. From agricultural practices and warehouse management to life and career skills development, our classes are designed to equip interns with practical, real-world knowledge.

We invite local workers in the trade sector to join us in shaping the next generation of skilled professionals. By sharing your expertise, you contribute to the growth and success of our youth, fostering a community of learning, collaboration, and empowerment. Join us in making a lasting impact on Josephine County’s future workforce.