We believe in the transformative power of school gardens to cultivate not just plants, but young minds.

In 2022, through the support of AllCare Community Health, Oregon State University, and the Oregon Farm to Child Nutrition Program, we were able to launch a school garden renovation program aimed at keeping children in touch with their food and merging the garden and the classroom.

We believe that school gardens are a living classroom where seeds of curiosity sprout into knowledge. We work closely with local schools, providing the resources and expertise needed to establish vibrant, educational gardens. From the magic of planting seeds to exploring the interconnectedness of ecosystems, our program immerses students in the wonders of nature.

We’re sowing the seeds of a future where students not only understand where their food comes from but also appreciate the vital role they play in nurturing the environment.

We currently provide school garden support to Hidden Valley High School and South Middle School.