Welcome to a summer of growth, learning, and fun at our Summer Garden Camp! Tailored for elementary-aged youth, our camp unfolds amidst the serene beauty of our farm, offering an immersive blend of hands-on experiences, nutrition education, and outdoor adventures.

At Summer Garden Camp, we sow the seeds for a lifetime of healthy choices. From cultivating a love for healthy eating to engaging in immersive outdoor learning experiences, we foster a deep connection to nature and encourage active lifestyles.

Join us on a journey where kids discover the wonders of our farm, learn the joys of gardening, and make nutritious choices that will last a lifetime. Click here to register1

Please contact Annie Rupp, our Education Coordinator, at educationcoordinator@jocofoodbank.org, if you are interested in learning more about Summer Garden Camp.

Please note that camp will close at the following:

  • Temperature closure: 85 degrees
  • AQI closure: 100+