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Oregon is a bit unusual amongst states in that we have a single statewide food bank, Oregon Food Bank (OFB), which operates regionally through 35 independent regional food banks and 4 OFB-affiliated food banks.


Oregon Food Bank functions as the regional food bank for Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties. It also arranges for large-scale purchases of products and other commodities as well as serving as the main distribution warehouse for all the regional food banks throughout Oregon.


We receive the bulk of our food from the OFB for distribution to our local network.



Fresh Alliance is a grocery store donation program originally started by the Oregon Food Bank.


The program is a perishable grocery rescue partnership between grocery stores and the local Food Bank. In Josephine County, Fresh Alliance contributes more than half a million pounds of fresh food each year. These are foods that are not typically available to food banks: meat, dairy, deli foods, eggs, fruit juices, bread, and produce.


Our dedicated staff and volunteers make two Fresh Alliance runs five days a week to make sure that as much food as possible makes it way to hungry individuals and families in our community.




Feeding America is the largest hunger-related charity in the United States. Headquartered in Chicago, Feeding America works with over 200 affiliated food banks and food recovery organizations fighting hunger all across America.


Feeding America is instrumental in promoting hunger awareness, advocating for policy change, and collecting data and information to better assist local food banks and pantries in better serving their clients.


The Oregon Food Bank is an affiliated food bank with Feeding America and participates in national food drives and initiatives.

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