Our food industry partners play a vital role in the fight against hunger. In 2020, we received over 500,000 pounds of food from our local grocers, retailers, and farmers. We could not do this work without you. 

Josephine County Food Bank recovers excess food and various products from many of our local food industry partners, including: Albertsons, Big Lots, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Walmart, WinCo, Umpqua, and many others who support our food recovery efforts. 

Contact us to Make a Donation

If you are in the food industry as a local or national manufacturer, wholesaler, grower, packer, distributor, supermarket, or trucking company and would like to make a donation, please contact our Warehouse team to make arrangements. You can call our main line at (541) 479-5556 or email our Warehouse Manager.

There are many benefits to donating your product, including:

  • Tax credits and deductions
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Reduced dumping fees
  • Reduced waste 
  • Foster community goodwill
  • Protect brand identity
  • Boost employee morale

Accepted Products

We accept all types of shelf stable foods as well as fresh, refrigerated, and frozen food. We also accept non-paper food items such as paper products, cleaning supplies, and health and beauty aids. We gladly accept product that is safe for consumptions, including the following: 

  • Close expiration dates
  • Mislabeled products
  • Surplus production
  • Discontinued products
  • Garden-grown fruits and vegetables
  • Cosmetically damaged items (with packaging intact)
  • Imperfect packaging
  • Production flaws 

We Can Not Accept

  • OTC Medications
  • Opened or damaged packaging
  • Items without nutrition labels
  • Items in glass containers